Market & Eatery Experience

The goal is to develop the branded user experience and navigational system for Fresh Choice Market. The self-serve, card payment system, and multi-choice concept must be clear to the users. They must be guided throughout the space as they make their meal selections.

Develop a casual, yet upscale social and dining experience where users feel welcome regardless of the time they have, who they’re meeting with, or what they need to do.

Use Cases

Solo dining or work session

This user prefers limited social interaction, grabbing a quick meal or drink. They either settle into a more private seating arrangement or they are on the go.

urban professional on lunch

Wants an efficient dining experience. Social preferences may vary. They visit multiple times a week because of location convenience. A private room can be reserved for more formal business meetings.

business meetings

This user wants to sit down with clients or colleagues and be able to have an open conversation in a friendly atmosphere. They prefer to reserve a table ahead of time so they can focus on their meeting.

group of friends hanging out

This user prefers a more open, casual seating arrangement to accommodate multiple people.

New customers have the option of either approaching the host upon arrival, or consulting the kiosk to receive a payment card to be used at the food stations and bar.


1. Use at any of the food stations to keep track of what you pick.
2. Scan at the table or with the host when you leave to complete your payment.
3. Return to the host when you leave to be reset and used again.

The downstairs section of Sprout is where visitors will find all of the food stations, as well as the bar and market. The hustle and bustle of this space gives an energetic, social vibe where extroverts will likely choose to sit and enjoy their dining experience.

The upstairs floor of Sprout is a quiet space where introverts will feel more at home. It includes secluded pods for seating, as well as private meeting rooms with large tables to accomodate a business meeting of any size and provide suitable privacy.

On each table, there is a tablet to help facilitate the experience. Users can call their waitor, view the menu, order, and pay without getting up or speaking to anyone if they don’t want to.

The app allows users to scan their card and register an account to make repeated visits faster and easier, as well as recieve loyalty rewards. On their next visit, they don’t need a payment card, but simply use their phone instead.

Takeout items from the food stations and bar as well as items from the market were also considered as important touchpoints of the brand.